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Follow your baby growth with ease and love. With embipi you will have all the important information and guidance to help you track you child development

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From 0 t0 3 years old

Keep track of your baby path

Embipi offers usefull and easy to use features.

Do not get overwhelmed and bloated with things you will never use.

Percentile values

Based in WHO data, check how your baby is growing compared to world data. Height, weight and head charts to visualise data.


Is important to follow and keep an updated register of your baby’s milestones. Mark them and celebrate them. Check the ones that your baby already achieved, and know what to expect next.


Every day that passes is an opportunity for your child to taste something new. Discover together new food at the right time step by step.


To help you remember important dates and let you register things not to be missed. Be it a doctor’s appointment, first day of pool. This way you won't miss a thing.

So, what about embipi?

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What is embipi?

My Baby Path (mbp, embipi) is an app to help parents follow their baby’s growth and development. We count on a Pediatrician to deliver correct and useful information.

Who is embipi for?

For every recent parent that wants to keep track of their child’s growth. From the baby's birth until he's 3 years old.

What can I expect from it?

A straightforward and simple app to use with easy interaction with our tools and features.

Can I try it first?

Of course, you can check out the demo version with some mock data and interact with our dashboard and tools.

...and what about development and coding?

Five Ws. Who, what, when, where, why?

My name is Miguel, I'm a self taught developer currently working as Frontend dev. The idea for this app first came to my wife when our son was born. It was shortly after when I started to learn how to code and so embipi became one of my pet projects. I used it to learn, to practise, to show and to connect. But I guess what keeps me motivated to follow with it is to know that I'm building something useful.

What tecs are being used in embipi code?

I'm using Nextjs, TypeScript, Tailwind, Postgresq, Supabase, Prisma and Jest + Testing Library for testing.

Current state of development?

v1.0.1 MVP version. With authentication, dashboard percentile, milestones and settings

Want to follow and know more?

I'm developing embipi in my free time while building in public. I'm posting my small steps on Twitter. If you are curious stop by and follow me. You can also check my github repo if you want to look at the code I've been writing.

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Wanna go for it?

Register and start following your baby growthOr click in Demo version to check it out first